IZIBoat® can be disassembled, stored and transported easily.

IZIBoat® can be stored disassembled in your garage or yard. Length: 508 cm – Width: 62 cm.
It is the length of a car and the width of a bicycle.

IZIBoat® can be parked, with sails furled, on a car or boat parking area or even on the beach.

Like the big ones, IZIBoat® can be put at anchor, or docked to a pontoon, with the sails furled.

IZIBoat® can be transported by hand, on its launching or handling cart. It can also be transported with an electric bike on its bike trailer, or a car with its car trailer fitted with adapted bers. Its 5 components weigh a total of 152 kilos.


IZIBoat is easily installed in 15 minutes, without screws or tools.

The IZIBoat® frame is assembled by interlocking and is locked by tension.

The IZIBoat® mat is mounted by pivoting and locked by a sliding ring.

The sails roll in and out on the mast, thanks to vertical battens, a sliding boom and a rotating deviator.
You are operational in 1 minute.

IZIBoat® gets into the water with two removable wheels that are stored behind the seat.
Lower the rudders, climb aboard, joystick in hand and off you go.


Intuitive joystick control, have fun with IZIBoat®.

Sitting facing the step, without changing place, all the controls are brought back to the cockpit.
You tilt the joystick to the side you want to turn.

In light weather, quickly tame IZIBoat®.
Whatever the physical condition, IZIBoat® is inclusive and welcomes all publics, including PRM.

The XXL ergonomic seat from IZIBoat® is very wide and allows you to secure your children in the middle.

IZIBoat® is all about sharing and what better way to share than to sail with your friends and family? ?
You can take up to 4 people on the boat.
It’s also a relaxing space to share a picnic.


Navigate safely with IZIBoat®,
to share a good time with family and friends.

IZIBoat® sails as well in little wind as in a nice breeze with peaks of 15 knots.

You pull on one end, in 10 seconds your canopy goes from 15,4 m² to 8,8 m².

The electric motor allows you to return safely.

IZIBoat® shells are coated with a corundum bead (hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale).
Very resistant to abrasion, they allow for smooth arrivals on the beach.