Easy, inclusive and sustainable sailing

IZIBoat® is a dismountable catamaran that can be piloted with a joystick.
Exceptionally stable, it can be shared safely with friends and family.
The assembly is done in 15min and you are ready to sail!
Designed in France for quick and easy storage and transportability.

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A privileged IZIBoat® support from your order to the delivery of your boat.

Port or starboard float
40 kg per float - polyester fiberglass sandwich - low density PU foam

80 cm draft - polyester fiberglass sandwich - expanded resin

Port or starboard rudder head
Rudder and rudder shaft - aluminum

Front beam
Quick coupling with 4-sided cone - aluminum

Dyneema braid

Hammock seat XXXXL
Accommodates 1 to 4 people - batyline

Re-positioning handle
Straightening by handle on each side of the floats

Backrest beam
Quick connect - aluminum

Steering beam
Quick connect - motor chair support - aluminum

Intuitive rudder control - stainless steel

Steering circuit
Closed circuit - dyneema braid

Built-in cart
Fits into the floats and is stored behind the seat

Aluminum/fiber composite pole
No shroud - rotating masthead - aluminum/fiber composite mast base

Mainsail 8,8 m² (8,8 m²)
Wraps around the mast - polyester

Flexible joint on the mast - aluminum

Boom slider
The sail wraps around the mast, boom rigged - polyvinyl

Floating prop
Mounted on luff tube - dyneema braid

Genoa 6.6 m² (6.6 sq. ft.)
With genoa furler from the cockpit - polyester

The Materials

IZIBoat® is made with materials that are precisely designed to meet our production criteria: light, strong, durable, repairable and easy to maintain.

  • Moulding by transfer of polyester resin on fibreglass. This Process:
    • Limits the emission of styrene and human exposure to the toxic product.
    • Provides a strong mechanical structure, high durability and light weight.
  • Reinforcements are placed inside the hulls and on each point of interlocking and anchoring.
  • The entire hull, immersed up to its water line, is covered with corundum. With a hardness of 9 (the diamond is 10), the corundum heel allows to effectively ward off the scratching of sand.

Aluminum is chosen for its excellent weight/mechanical strength and durability ratio with a remarkable finish and easy maintenance.

The sails are made of 240 gram polyester (light sails generally use 180 gram polyester), in order to give priority to resistance and longevity.
The hammock is made of batyline, a flexible material covered with polyester and allowing water to pass through, in order to privilege resistance and longevity.


The packaging is in our values, sustainable, and accompanies you throughout the life of your IZIBoat®.

11 innovations for easy sailing - category D
Navigation program
Sailing from 1 to 20 knots, on a protected stretch of water
Centralized control and command - exceptional stability
Made of fiberglass, polyester and aluminum
IZIBoat® technology - garage or beach parking - easy maintenance

Longueur coque480 cm
Longueur hors tout514 cm
Longueur de flottaison514 cm
Largeur hors tout240 cm
Largeur de flottaison240 cm
Tirant d'eau80 cm
Tirant d'air634 cm
Poids à vide152 kg
Poids équipage maxi260 kg
Nombre de place assises4
Poids en charge maxi412 kg
Volume de chaque flotteur469 litres
Surface grand-voile8,8 m²
Surface génois6,6m²
Surface voilure total15,4 m²
Longueur mât608 cm
Largeur pliée sur chariot82 cm
Largeur pliée hors chariot62 cm
Longueur pliée sur chariot508 cm