Easy, inclusive and sustainable sailing

Ready to sail in 15 minutes!
Perfectly stable, IZIBoat® is joystick-controlled for safe operation.
Shared among family or friends, accommodating up to 4 people.
Quick and easy storage and transport.

French design and production.

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Port or starboard float
40 kg per float - polyester fiberglass sandwich - low density PU foam

72 cm draft - Polyester fiberglass on PE core

Port or starboard rudder head
Rudder and rudder post - Pre-anodized and powder-coated 5754 H111 aluminum

Reinforced aluminum mast
No shroud - rotating masthead - Aluminium/fibre mast base - Masthead float

Mainsail 8.8 m² battened
Wraps around mast - 240 g polyester

Pole pole
Raised mainsail tack - Fiber

Single forestay

Dyneema braid

Anti-drag strip
Protection under the floats for beach use

Adds power - Pre-anodized and powder-coated 6060 T6 aluminum
Boom slider - polyvinyl - allows the sail to be furled without reefing

Foc 2 m²
Polyester 240 g - Self-turning

Genoa 5.8 m²

240 g polyester on furler with cockpit controls
Floating forestay on luff tube - dyneema braid
Outhaul circuit, winch blocks and straps

Genoa 6.6 m² (6.6 sq. ft.)
Identical to the 5.80 m² genoa with more surface area and hollows for more power

2 Removable wheels - lock into the floats and store behind the seat

Path module
Handling trailer - Heavy-duty cradle and wheel on stainless steel axle

Cycle track module
Bicycle towing equipment - All-terrain wheel + Drawbar + attachment

Road module

2 Bers and 1 trunk to equip a road trailer

For assembly and storage - 4 PE foam straps

Waterproof navigation bag
Neck strap - Waterproof phone pocket - Foghorn - Waterproof flashlight - AA batteries - Water bottle - 30 m tow rope - Telescopic paddle - 38 liter waterproof bag - This bag must be completed in accordance with local regulations.

Service kit
Mast locking screw - 50 mm carabiner - Steering circuit shackle - Cable plugs - Allen wrench - Pipe wrench - Flat wrench - 10 metre multi-purpose bit - Spare pin

Electric motor

Electric motor interface for mounting on seat beam
1,500 watts

Front beam
Quick coupling with 4-sided cone - aluminum

Dyneema braid

Hammock seat XXXXL
Accommodates 1 to 4 people - batyline

Re-positioning handle
Handle adjustment on both sides of the floats

Backrest beam
Quick connect - aluminum

Steering beam
Quick connect - motor chair support - aluminum

Intuitive rudder control - stainless steel

Steering circuit
Closed circuit - dyneema braid

Keys and assembly kit
Mast clamp screws - Node plugs - Watertight pouch -
Spare pin - Allen wrench - Pipe wrench - Flat wrench -
Multi-purpose tip

Instructions and tutorial
How to assemble and maintain your boat - Tutorial on private access

The Materials

IZIBoat® is made with materials that are precisely designed to meet our production criteria: light, strong, durable, repairable and easy to maintain.

  • Moulding by transfer of polyester resin on fibreglass.
    • Innovative in the marine sector, this process, which has already been developed in the automotive industry, provides repeatability, a solid mechanical structure and a long service life.
    • Reinforcements are placed on the inside of the hulls, at every point where they fit together and are anchored.
  • The entire hull, immersed right up to the waterline, is covered with an HRA (high abrasion resistance) gel coat that effectively fends off the ravages of sand.
  • Aluminum is chosen for its excellent weight/mechanical strength ratio and long service life.
  • With its remarkable finish, it is easy to maintain.
  • The sails are made of 240-gram polyester, for strength and longevity.
  • The hammock is made of batyline, a soft, durable material covered in water-repellent polyester.