IZIBoat : Sailing at last for everyone !

Our concept is simple: easy sailing for everyone– families, young people, children, beginners, sports enthusiasts, the elderly and people with reduced mobility.

IZIBoat® is exceptionally stable, joystick-controlled and safe to share with up to 4 people.

IZIBoat® is an intuitive boat with centralized controls, allowing you to sail flat, facing forward.

Quick to set up, IZIBoat® is easy to winterize in confined spaces.

What’s more, IZIBoat® is fun, swell-surfing and sails at speeds of up to 15 knots!

Offer your novice customers a real navigation experience, with no training, just a brief.

Write to us at contact@iziboat.com for more information and to be part of the adventure.

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