The backstage

Meet our partners and discover part of the IZIBoat manufacturing process

To bring our beautiful product to life, we rely on service providers and collaborators who share our values and passions.

Naturally, we turned to STTM, winner of the 2022 Green Industry Award, to manufacture the chassis and assemble the boat.

Today we invite you to discover what goes on backstage with us during our last visit to their facilities in Laval in Mayenne (53), France.

STTM carries out heat treatment, precision machining, mechanical welding, mounting of sub-assemblies and assemblies, as well as finishing services (surface treatment, painting, etc.) for several sectors of industry: from the medical to the food industry, including defence and the railways, and of course the nautical industry with IZIBoat ⛵️

We can’t talk about STTM without mentioning their environmental commitment 🌍

STTM’s processes run exclusively on electrical energy, which they generate in part through a photovoltaic plant, reducing their carbon footprint by eliminating their greenhouse gas emissions.

All parts are shaped, improved and assembled with their talent and know-how.

A small curiosity: it takes up to 25 hours to assembly one IZIBoat!

Care and patience to ensure a very robust, durable and safe boat for great adventures over time ⏳

We know that our choice of providers is your choice of values, with IZIBoat and STTM you support the French industry of tomorrow: eco-responsible and innovative 🌱

We hope you enjoyed this backstage insight into IZIBoat’s production process and we’ll see you soon to discover more about our network of collaborators and service providers who bring the dream of easy, inclusive and sustainable sailing to life.

See you soon!

The IZIBoat team 🌊