The best spots for sailing

Discover the best spots for sailing with IZIBoat this summer

Have you ever wondered which spots would be the best to sail with your IZIBoat? It’s finally summer time and we know that just like us, you must be thrilled to explore and enjoy the ocean with the safety and fun that only IZIBoat can provide.

But are there certain sailing areas that are not recommended? Discover them with us !

There are three essential things that you have to keep in mind when choosing the perfect spot to sail:

  • Prevailing a wind force less than 16 knots;
  • Flat and calm protected water area;
  • No waves.

These are safety measures that will guarantee that you will navigate and share your passion in total security.

As you may know, IZIBoat can be delivered anywhere in the world and has already sailed over 5 countries. Following the safety recommendations, you just have to adjust the ideal conditions to any water area nearby. So let’s get creative, shall we?

Island of Ré

Mauritius Islands



Lake Geneva

These are just a few of incredible places, hidden paradises that can be a good choice for you to enjoy your IZIBoat.

Where are you off to this summer ? Tell us everything on our social networks, we’ll be happy to chat !

Until our next blog post, we wish you all a great summer ☀️

See you soon !

IZIBoat team ⛵