Fun and practical, you don’t need a license or training to sail with friends and family in complete safety.

Somewhere in the islands…

Designed in the South Pacific by François TISSIER, windsurfer and architect
self-taught, IZIBoat® was born from a dream; to sail from island to island with a hybrid
combining the stability of a catamaran, the ease of transport of a windsurfer and the steering of a car.

For 25 years François lived and sailed in the southern hemisphere: Reunion Island, Mauritius, New Caledonia and Australia.

So passionate, he wants to share the joy of sailing with everyone.
The idea is gaining ground: skiing on water, in front of the walk, on a dismountable machine that can be piloted by all neophyte audiences.

Thanks to his perseverance and vision, the dream became a reality.

Today, supported by a team of investors and collaborators, IZIBoat® is moving towards its international development.

Our values


Piloted with a joystick, accommodating up to 4 people in complete safety, IZIBoat is exceptionally stable and its navigation is very intuitive. This is the spirit of IZIBoat, to facilitate the practice of sailing for all.


Sailing together, regardless of age and physical ability – child, youth, adult, novice, elderly or with reduced mobility.


Robust and reliable, IZIBoat® is built with the same materials as its big brothers, the cruising boats. With little maintenance, your boat will last a long time.


IZIBoat® simplifies the practice of sailing by integrating 14 innovations to solve all the constraints encountered in classic sailing, from storage to the pleasure of sailing.

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