Off to the beach!

The dream beaches of island of ré 🌴

While scouting for our next IZIBoat shoot (🤫 it’s still a secret) we found the best spots for sunbathing and sailing on the Ile de Ré this summer.

As you know, we love to share, so here’s our selection for becoming real locals this summer ☀️

A must for those who plan to visit us, and something to tempt those who don’t yet know our beautiful region 😉

La Couarde – Plage du Peu Ragot

We love the easy access, the nearby restaurants and the sea with waves for water sports 🏄

Saint Clément des Baleines – Plage de la conche des baleines

Between sea and forest, the ideal beach to feel like you’re in a film. Stair access and its location make it a relatively quiet beach for those seeking peace and quiet 🌾

Les Vieilles Vignes – Plage de L’Anse du Fourneau

At the far end of the island you’ll find a large, wide beach, with a spacious parking area and plenty of space for picnics, naps under the trees and relaxing on the water ⚓️

The perfect day out on the island is also a bike ride.

🤔 Did you know you can carry IZIBoat behind your electric bike?

It’s a handy way to make transport easier, so you can try out several sailing spots without breaking your neck!

We suggest you finish the day with a toast on your IZIBoat and a beautiful sunset 🍹

So, when are you coming?